Holographic Tamper Evident Labels

tamper evident labels

What are tamper-evident labels and what purpose do they serve? It is a type of label in which the main goal is to provide clear evidence of literally, tampering. In other words, these labels are meant to show if someone has tried to peel, cut, or in any way mess with the label and thus […]

Baby Formula Anti Counterfeit

What are two of the greatest functions of good quality high-security labels and packaging? Authenticity and protection against tampering of a given product. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to products that, if counterfeit, can lead to hurting lives and causing serious liabilities to brands. From pharmaceuticals to vitamins and more, products […]

Shrink Sleeves – The Ideal Packaging for Bottles and Cans

Shrink Sleeves

What are Shrink Sleeves? Why is Heat shrink sleeves a necessity for the beverage and bottling industry? Printed Shrink sleeves packaging provides a customized 360-degree print coverage and gives a snug fit for the product using heat shrink wrapping. This form of packaging is used mainly for glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The […]

Branding and Safety Benefits of Holographic Labels

Branding and Safety Benefits of Holographic Labels

What is a Hologram? How does a Hologram work? Holography is a process of printing a 3D image in intricate detail on a 2D material. It uses light diffraction achieved by lasers and has the ability to contain every aspect of the product printed and visible on the sticker or label. The end product of […]

Security Labels

A Security label is a sticker label that has been designed to protect the integrity of a product and differentiate from fake products. Security labels are a versatile and cost-effective security tool for any business looking for a counterfeiting solution or protecting their products. The main use of security labels is that they provide tamper-evident feature, […]

Authentication App

How the authentication app works

Illegal and fake products are one of the top challenges that many consumer brands are suffering from. An estimated average of 8–9 % trade consists of counterfeit goods that create a loss of revenue. Counterfeits affects all kind of industries, apparels, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, luxury items and many more. One of the solutions to […]

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Simple Authentication Available

Indeed labeling for the cannabis industry is a challenge as the manufacturer has to keep in mind multiple factors while packaging the legal cannabis products. Today with high demand and higher benefits of cannabis products it is evident that legal requirements have also increased for its marketing and packaging. With the fast growth of industry […]

Why shrink sleeves labels are perfect fit for your cannabis products?

Did you know that tamper-evident sealing is growing in popularity for cannabis products? Yes, it is true that you can easily brand your product from top to bottom in shrink sleeve labels and still make it tamper proof for creating 360-degree advertising coverage for your products. Shrink sleeves can be combined with attractive labeling and […]

Check out holographic labeling solutions perfect for your cannabis products

Do you often wonder which label material is right for your cannabis products packaging and advertising needs? You will find that holographic stickers are excellent solution to make safe, in expensive and versatile solution for packaging, events, and branding that can stick to any surface. Keeping in view the need to advertise your product, or […]

Tamper Evident Label

A tamper evident label is a security hologram that will leave a tamper pattern in the surface when the hologram sticker is peeled off. These seals contain features that make peeling up the sticker or removing it impossible without damaging it in an obvious way. With a tamper evident label, you can add a higher […]