Tamper Evident Label

A tamper evident label is a security hologram that will leave a tamper pattern in the surface when the hologram sticker is peeled off. These seals contain features that make peeling up the sticker or removing it impossible without damaging it in an obvious way. With a tamper evident label, you can add a higher […]

Find out how to shrink sleeve technology is used for cannabis labeling

The cannabis industry is always under the pump to find out newer ways to prevent the duplicity of brands and all other types of illegal marketing techniques. This is the industry where you need to find newer ways of branding to get ahead of your competitors in the market to generate more sales. Innovative marketing […]

Security Labels With Scratch Off

At Nanografix we provide our clients with the highest security labels and additional layers of security such as our holographic scratch off labels that can be fully custom. Our scratch off layers are mostly used to hide pin codes, discount codes, passwords, etc. Nanografix Hologram scratch off labels and stickers are great for clients who […]

Holographic labels application in the cannabis industry

Hologram labels are one of the widely used safety and security things that are used on a variety of products. Whether you are talking of the FMCG products or cannabis and other products the authentic and reputed industries ensure to put on a holographic label on their products. So far it seems that this simple […]

Shrink sleeve and flexible packaging in the cannabis industry

In the cannabis industry, there is a wide range of products. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing, production, and packaging of cannabis have to deal with endorsing their brand and evaluate the brand-protection strategies. This is because of one major problem in the online and offline cannabis selling industry. The problem is that there […]

Get holographic labels to showcase your cannabis product and brand

In today’s market protecting your brand reputation and the image is highly important. With the increased competition in the prices from the rivals, the companies also face an increased completion on the security and brand identification counters. This is where you need to be highly cautious as you don’t want duplicate or replica copies of […]

Cannabis Tamper Labels

YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING,” ARE CANNABIS TAMPER LABELS GOOD FOR MY PRODUCT?” New government regulations require tamper evident sealing and security packaging solution for the Cannabis, E-Cigarettes and vaping industries. Here at Nanografix, we offer a cost-effective security and authentication packaging solution for adult-use products. Our products have become the industry’s product of choice for […]

Holographic Cold Foil

holographic cold foil

https://vimeo.com/547663648 In the few recent years, the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market has drastically multiplied making the market and demand skyrocket. Companies are competing to not only make their name known to the targeted consumers but to also attract those that are new to the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market. Dispensaries are full of tons […]