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We provide the pharma industry with high security holographic labels, seals and shrink sleeves.

Holograms can provide overt first-line authentication while covert features such as scrambled images, microtext, UV-sensitive or other specialist inks provide second line authentication for trained examiners and appropriate decoding equipment.

We also offer serialization of holograms as part of systems that combine authentication with traceability. We offer “track-and-trace” capabilities with database management and field-tracking services. Healthcare companies can determine where the product has been, where it is located, and where it is headed. This is particularly important in identifying the source of products and for keeping track of product movement.

The US Congress is currently considering making the use of security-markings on some pharmaceutical products using “optically variable counterfeit-resistant technologies” mandatory in order to protect consumers from fakes! Holograms are the go-to!

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