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Authentication App

Illegal and fake products are one of the top challenges that many consumer brands are suffering from. An estimated average of 8–9 % trade consists of counterfeit goods that create a loss of revenue. Counterfeits affects all kind of industries, apparels, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, luxury items and many more.

One of the solutions to protect the integrity of the products and their brands, is to use hologram labels with QR codes. When a consumer scans de QR code printing on the hologram label with the Authentication App, they can instantly know if the product is genuine.

With our Authentication app, Nanografix provides our end consumers a seamless and easy process providing them the ability to check their authenticity of their purchase and gaining brand trust.

Our Authentication App has a very simple and friendly way of working by following these four steps:

  1. Scan the QR Code
  2. Apply the pin code
  3. Verification will appear I the screen
  4. Submit your email

By using an Authentication App, the consumer has all the information about the product. When the product is being scan, the Authentication App runs a product verification check against its digital record and return a message of that specific QR Code that will say if the product is authenticated as genuine. Apart from security reasons, the QR codes is a big marketing opportunity for brands to promote their products by adding all the information about them in the page.

The Authentication App is a new technology solution against counterfeiting. Any product can be secure by attaching a QR Code Sticker to their packaging. The Authentication App protects brands and consumers against non-authentic products by reading the QR Code.

Also, the Authentication App displays all the product details and can be fully customized through an admin page. This makes it an excellent marketing tool.

In Nanografix we care about the integrity of the brands, by creating this Authentication App we bring a proven anti counterfeit solution with patented technology and many levels of security to incorporate as well as a fully personalize app end consumer experience. Nanografix protects your products with cutting edge patented technology thru Holographic Variable information linked to our blockchain based verification system in white label format.

How the authentication app works
How the authentication app works
How the authentication app works

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