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Simple Authentication | Engage Your End Consumers | Enhance Brand Experience

Protect your brand by protecting your products

Nanografix protects your products with cutting edge patented technology through holographic variable information linked to our blockchain based verification system in white label format.

How are we different?

We have a proven anti-counterfeit solution with patented technology and multiple levels of security to incorporate as well as fully personalize the end consumer experience. Nanografix provides our end consumers with a seamless and easy process allowing them to check the authenticity of their purchase and gain brand trust and loyalty!

Rewards Points

Once the 2-step verification process has been authenticated, it will direct consumers to the reward points and marketing initiatives for each brand and product. Providing a direct channel of communication with your end consumers and the ability to offer discounts and promos is a massive sales and marketing tool.

Avoid Gray Markets

Deter gray and black markets with our digital brand protection solutions and high-security labels. As the brand, you will get real time notifications on suspect gray market activity.


  • Protects brand image
  • Stops counterfeiting and prevents fraud
  • Secures consumer trust
  • Instant authentication, no need for any download
  • Increases revenue
  • Real time smart data
  • Cannot be replicated
  • Military grade material
  • Works on any smartphone
Product Authentication App

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