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Holographic Shrink Sleeves

Holographic Shrink Sleeves are a great, unique security feature to give your product reliable security against counterfeit and/or tampering. Shrink sleeves are usually applied on the necks of bottles or containers but may also be applied to entire container, top to bottom. The holographic strip that runs down the sleeve is for security purposes as well as a touch of high-quality appearance. Once the strip is removed, it cannot be replaced, protecting from tampering of your product. Holographic shrink sleeves are mostly used to secure the solution inside a container or bottle. These enticing holographic shrink sleeves are waterproof. Someone trying to tamper with your product may want to alter the solution inside or counterfeit it but will not be able to do so with a shrink sleeve. Holographic shrink sleeves are widely used to protect packaged goods such as spirits, liquor, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, perfumes, condiments, and much more.

The Holographic Shrink Sleeves are favored in securing bottled products to give authentic branding solution. Holographic sleeves are top grade PVC, recyclable material, colors, sizes and shapes. We have custom and stock holographic shrink sleeves to fit your needs. All sleeves can be sold in roll form or individually cut. When heat is applied, the sleeves will shrink and conform to the bottle neck and cap, thereby making it impossible to open the bottle without destroying the sleeve. We offer a wide variety of holographic shrink sleeves such as 360 holographic full sleeve, holographic strips for all sleeves. The holographic strip provides added security to authenticate the tamper evident sleeve as well as security features such micro perforation, hologram micro text and images and many more encoded information.

With the help of heat, holographic shrink sleeves shrink tightly to the shape of the bottle or container, giving it a sleek look as well as security packaging to fight off counterfeiting or tampering. Adding a holographic strip to your shrink sleeve is great for visual marketing and standing out as a product brand. We offer technologies to harden the security solution of your products such as variable images and or text imprinted on shrink sleeves, UV inks, decorative holograms as part as the label design, and micro perforations. Contact us for any questions you may have about security Holographic Shrink Sleeves!

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