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About Us

Your Brand. Your Vision. Secured.

At NanoGrafix, we’re committed to setting your product apart from the competition while maintaining product safety and efficacy. With our line of full-color shrink sleeves and holographic technology, we add shelf appeal to your products while protecting the integrity of your brand and the products you create.

Tradition and Legacy

Located in San Diego, California, NanoGrafix proudly and passionately celebrates its long history of manufacturing and industry innovation. Over 35 years ago, the mission of NanoGrafix was born: creating the most trusted security holographic labels, shrink sleeve’s, foils, packaging materials and security solutions for all industries.

Our mission and vision were born out of founder and CEO Dan Lieberman’s expertise and passion for micro-embossing optical structures. Having secured several patents in this area, Lieberman introduced a premium holographic security solution to the market. Thanks to his profound knowledge and expertise, Lieberman birthed an entirely novel universe of holography and has since worked tirelessly to introduce it to the world. With the creation of NanoGrafix, Lieberman is now bringing his international success and experience to the United States.

Why Us

Nanografix manufactures all of our products in house, no need to deal with brokers or third parties who claim they produce the products and outsource. We have been manufacturing for over 36 years and use ISO certification production processes.

Solutions for All Industries

Our wide range of holographic shrink sleeve products are customizable and can be utilized in a wide range of markets due to their visual appeal, functional versatility, and security use cases. From holographic qr codes, bar codes to tamper proofing solutions to tracking and tracing mechanisms, our holographic labels can be customized to your specified look and needs.

Manufacturers, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, governmental entities, and more have relied on NanoGrafix’s expertise to secure and protect their products. As an ISO9001:2015 certified entity, we work hard to exceed our clients’ expectations while striving to improve processes, reduce waste, and continually innovate to enhance the quality of our products. When your brand’s identity and integrity at stake, NanoGrafix is your trusted partner to protect what matters most to you.

Dedicated to Your Brand

First and foremost, we’re dedicated to our clients and helping them preserve and protect their brands. Our holographic solutions are designed with integrity in mind, helping our brand partners resolve issues of security, authenticity, counterfeiting, identity, and branding. If you are looking to overcome branding challenges and maintaining integrity while maximizing your products’ shelf appeal, LET US HELP. NanoGrafix is as relentless in its commitment to the customer as it is about product quality.

Material Certifications

Nanografix is happy to provide any material specification needed including fda, certificate of origin, quality certificate, etc.

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Why Nanografix

  • Fastest delivery time in the industry.
  • We use the highest quality materials.
  • Free samples.
  • Over 40 years of expertise in this market.
  • We can personalize every aspect of the label including the holography, encrypted security information, custom tamper pattern, label structure, and more.
  • Our dedicated R&D team continually works on new product and material innovations and we cover a wide range of products for different applications as well as recyclable and biodegradable materials. Custom film constructions with special adhesives are also available upon request.

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