About Us

NanoGrafix secures what you value most – authenticity and trust.

Our security hologram products can be used by manufacturers, retailers, pharmaceutical companies, corporations, and government entities, among many other industries. They are created using business processes which are ISO9001:2008 certified and we continuously monitor benchmarks and constant refining to ensure our customers receive the solution that will best protect their brand identity, integrity, and effectively minimize, if not eliminate counterfeit losses.

Tradition and Legacy
Nanografix continues a tradition and legacy started over 30 years ago by Founder & CEO, Dan Lieberman. Holding several patents related to micro-embossing optical structures, Dan birthed and introduced a premium holographic security solutions service to the market. Through the years, Dan, whom possesses the profound knowledge and thorough understanding of this particularly advanced measure of brand security, has brought forth the universe of holography to our fingertips. He has grown his concept internationally and is now bringing that very experience to the United States.

Creating Solutions
Our holographic security solutions are developed to resolve issues of security, authenticity, counterfeiting, identity and branding, all of which represent some level of impact our clients from many industries experience. You may be facing similar challenges and discovering an effective appropriate solution is likely been a struggle, LET US HELP. Nanografix is as relentless in its commitment to the customer as it is about its quality.