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Branding and Safety Benefits of Holographic Labels

What is a Hologram? How does a Hologram work?

Holography is a process of printing a 3D image in intricate detail on a 2D material. It uses light diffraction achieved by lasers and has the ability to contain every aspect of the product printed and visible on the sticker or label. The end product of this process is called an Hologram. Holograms are found all around us, on credit cards, driver’s license and every merchandise that claims originality and authenticity.

What are Holographic labels? How are Holographic stickers made?

Holographic stickers or labels are unique in design and contain all information about the product and the brand on which it is placed and contain strong adhesion. Holographic stickers can be customized and ensure an essential security blanket for your product. Tamper-proof or tamper-evident holographic stickers enable anti-counterfeiting of the product and enhance and maintain brand image, product quality, and customer experience while providing brand protection.

Holographic labels are generally glossy in the finish with a rainbow effect which changes with light and perspective. They are colorfully and creatively printed on holographic vinyl with a protective laminate coating to make the sticker waterproof, tear-proof, and resistant to fading and scratching.

What are the advantages of using Holographic tamper-proof stickers in the Pharma and Healthcare packaging industry?

Packaging and security are two key aspects in designing and distributing any products. Holographic labels and stickers add a rich and aesthetic value to your product packaging, enhancing the visual appeal of the packaging and also providing much-needed safety and protection against tampering with the product. Brands, especially in the Pharma/ Healthcare industry, spend a lot of their resources on the R&D of their product, which provides an enriching experience and healing properties to their customers. Counterfeiters replicate or re-use brands’ packaging to provide low-quality and inferior products. Misled by similar packaging, consumers refrain from buying the branded products if they use counterfeit. Especially important for the Pharma and Healthcare sector, Holographic tamper security labels ensure impossible to replicate packaging, protect brand image, and ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Tamper Evident labels are extremely important for industries and products that offer warranties and guarantees. Tamper Evident stickers indicate any form of tampering or altering in products and are important in deciding whether a warranty is provided or void.

What are the various types of Hologram labels available with NanoGrafix?

Holographic stickers can be customized and made to suit every packaging need. Different types of stickers provide a wide range of solutions for packaging. The most widely used Holographic stickers in the market are:

What are Stock Hologram Stickers?

Stock holograms are stickers that are generic design holograms that are ideal for single use applications. These are readily available and are a time and cost-saving option for events, parties, and industries that do not require uniqueness in their stickers.

These hologram stickers are produced in bulk and stocked, giving customers a price advantage. They cut down on the duration of designing and manufacturing, providing a quick and feasible solution to one-time users. Stock Hologram stickers provide more security than generic holograms because of limited printed design availability. However, stock holograms cannot be customized but are available for shipment immediately.

Components to ensure when buying good Holographic Tamper Evident Stickers?

Holographic tamper-evident stickers help fulfill a dual need when placed upon a product; the visual appeal and the security need. A good label should have the following attributes.

  • Unique in Design
  • Durable material and strong adhesion
  • Tamper-evident quality
  • Customized and visually appealing
  • Water and Heat resistant
  • All-weather usability
  • Impeccable finishing
  • Impossible to replicate
  • Economic pricing

Why partner with NanoGrafix?

NanoGrafix is an IS09001:2015 certified company dedicated to providing our customers with visually appealing, unique, safe, secure, tamper-proof, and affordable packaging solutions. We understand the importance of brand security and image and offer holographic tamper evident labels and other innovative packaging ideas and solutions. We work closely with Pharma and Healthcare industry leaders to ensure good-looking, economic, unique, and tamper-proof packaging solutions.

Branding and Safety Benefits of Holographic Labels

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