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Ultra-Destructible labels are a great way of fighting against counterfeiters and scammers trying to steal a product. Regular adhesives on labels are strong enough to stick onto a package or given surface, but they are also weak enough to allow these labels to be taken off.

If a company wants to protect against unsolicited parties and individuals peeling a label and then making it look like nothing occurred, they can use ultra-destructible labels. These labels use an ultra-powerful adhesive which will tear the packaging when someone attempts to peel only the label.

For example, imagine a cardboard box with an ultra-destructible label that says “AUTHENTIC.” When the final consumer receives this product, they will tear off the label and in the process the cardboard itself will rip. Now, if someone before the final consumer attempts to get inside the package without the delivery team or final consumer noticing it will be incredibly difficult. This is because the actual packaging will break leaving it more than clear that someone attempted to take the label off and open the package without someone noticing.

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