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Food & Packaging

Our high security holographic labels, seals and shrink sleeves instantly maximize the difficulty of falsifying package labels and counterfeiting the array of products across the food industry. They provide a higher level of protection for the integrity of both the product and the brand.

Kosher & Halal

A prominent subcategory within the food industry is the established demand for certified Kosher and Halal foods which security holograms can act as authentication for those brands which have the correct certifications. 

An additional benefit from safeguarding products and packaging with holographic labels is the distinct appeal they visually provide and thus stand out for easier spotting in crowded retail shelves.

Holographic Film

Our holographic film is Ideal for the food packaging industry with a wide variety of flexible material applications. Our “wide-web” holographic films are commonly used for printing, packaging, laminating in order to provide eye-catching effects.

Track and Trace

Our advanced holograms offer beneficial “track and trace” features that can help users generate unique sequential numbers and encrypted information that can be tracked. Clients have the proper control of their products throughout the entire distribution process. We can set up a platform for you to see where your products are getting scanned in real time.

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