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Shrink Sleeves – The Ideal Packaging for Bottles and Cans

What are Shrink Sleeves?

Why is Heat shrink sleeves a necessity for the beverage and bottling industry?

Printed Shrink sleeves packaging provides a customized 360-degree print coverage and gives a snug fit for the product using heat shrink wrapping. This form of packaging is used mainly for glass and plastic bottles and aluminum cans. The shrink sleeve label wraps around the product and provides an attractive and visually compelling packaging solution. The shrink sleeve takes the shape of the product packaging and conforms to all sizes leaving no loose ends.

How are shrink sleeves made?

The process of designing, printing, and production for the shrink label is a little detailed compared to other labels and stickers, but the marketing and visual benefits, along with the added security that a printed shrink sleeve offers, are worth the detailing.

The first step of making a shrink sleeve is designing. Shrink sleeves require design detailing for the color combinations, text placement, and representations on the label and have to factor in the contours of the bottle or can and how the heat wrapping would affect the label. The design must be accurate and sometimes pre-distorted, considering the product shape for the desired effect in the shrink sleeve label.

The primary material used in shrink sleeve labeling today is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG). Key benefits of PETG are widespread availability, overall film clarity, stability compared to other material options, and shrink capability of up to 78 percent.

The key differentiator in printing a shrink label versus any other sticker or label is that, unlike the stickers or labels, the printing for a shrink sleeve is done inside the sleeve. This process allows the film to act as a protective layer when the sleeve is heat-wrapped on the can or bottle.

The printed sheets have to be converted into sleeve or cylinder form. This requires the edges to be sealed together to create an opening on the top and bottom. This process is done by applying special glue to the seams. The seams are then inspected for flaws and application feasibility and prepared as rolls or sheets depending on the application needs.

The ready sleeves are placed on the container and passed through a heat or steam tunnel when the heat process shrinks the sleeve and wraps it on the product.

What are Shrink, Full & Security Seal Sleeves?

Shrink sleeves provide a tamper-evident seal for bottles, jugs, or container spouts.
All sleeves can be sold in roll form or individually cut.

When heat is applied, the sleeves will shrink and conform to the bottleneck and cap, thereby making it impossible to open the bottle without destroying the sleeve. The holographic strip provides added security to authenticate the tamper-evident sleeve and security features such as micro-perforation, hologram micro text and images, and much more encoded information.

What are the uses of shrink sleeves labels? Which industries can benefit from heat shrink sleeve packaging?

Shrink sleeves are the best packaging solution for plastic or glass bottles and aluminum cans. The security shrink sleeves also make your product and packaging tamper-proof, safe and secure. Shrink sleeves are extensively used in the beverage, wine, spirits, and bottling industries.

Shrink sleeves offer the following benefits:

  1. 360-degree branding
  2. Best branding option for odd-shaped containers
  3. Relatively Eco-friendly packaging
  4. Can provide tamper evidence and holographic security measures. 
  5. Durable and abrasion-resistant packaging

Why Choose NanoGrafix?

NanoGrafix is an IS09001:2015 certified company dedicated to providing our customers with visually appealing, unique, safe, secure, tamper-proof, and affordable packaging solutions. We offer a wide variety of holographic shrink sleeves, such as 360 full holographic sleeves and holographic strips for all sleeves. We constantly strive to exceed our customer expectations through continuous innovation and improvisation in production processes, wastage reduction, and product enhancement. We understand the importance of our customers’ brand security and image and offer a full range of holographic tamper-evident labels, shrink sleeves, and various other innovative packaging solutions.

Shrink Sleeves

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