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Security Labels

A Security label is a sticker label that has been designed to protect the integrity of a product and differentiate from fake products.

Security labels are a versatile and cost-effective security tool for any business looking for a counterfeiting solution or protecting their products. The main use of security labels is that they provide tamper-evident feature, making them an effective tool in a variety of industries. Security labels can provide a valuable additional layer of security to a lot of different products from pharmaceuticals, food, tobacco, beauty to electronics; they will show visible evidence of anyone compromising the integrity or attempting to remove the label based on the residue or void marks left behind.

By adding a security label to the products, it can help protect the brand. The security labels act as a visual deterrent to prevent from counterfeiting, or it can provide visual proof that the label has been tempered with.

Security labels have many benefits in their application on secure goods, the main advantages of using security labels are:

  • Security labels protect products from counterfeiting
  • Tamper indicating seals safeguard your brand
  • Minimize de odds consumers buying fake products that will affect their brand experience
  • Enhance the trust in your brand
  • Shield from profit loss
  • Security labels help law enforces catch thieves
  • Theft Deterrent
  • Tracking Purposes

There are many types of security labels for brand protection, so you can select the right sticker label that best fits your business and product requirements. For example, holographic labels, tamper proof, scratch off, with barcodes, sequential numbers or QR Code. All the security labels can be customized with the company needs, like name, logo and trace and track features.

Also, Security labels provide business owners an opportunity for customers to feel safe with their brand. Consumers will identify the products with the security label and make them feel safe and risk free from fake or products that has been tampered with. While using security labels, customers will gain trust and confidence towards the company, brand or product.

In Nanografix, we care for the integrity and protecting of your brand. Contact us to start using Security labels in your products and stay ahead of the competition.

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