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Tamper Evident Label

A tamper evident label is a security hologram that will leave a tamper pattern in the surface when the hologram sticker is peeled off. These seals contain features that make peeling up the sticker or removing it impossible without damaging it in an obvious way.

With a tamper evident label, you can add a higher security feature to your products by providing visible evidence if tampering has occurred. If someone attempts to open the package will leave an adhesive residue on the surface. This feature makes tamper evident hologram stickers ideal for ensuring a higher security seal on products.

The main goals by adding a tamper evident label are to provide the manufactures a way to authenticate their product so they can protect them from counterfeit and to add a security hologram sticker so consumers can easily recognize if a seal of a product has been tampered with. Whether the product is food, medication or any other kind, costumers want to be sure of what is in the package has not being compromised.

Also, by adding a tamper evident sticker help companies to preserve and protect the integrity of their brand. Tamper evident labels are so difficult to manufacture and customizing the label make them even more difficult to copy, this is how by using them as a security feature you can ensure that counterfeits or other brands cannot duplicate your label.

However, sealing your packaging with a tamper evident label does not protect the product from being compromised, but it does make very evident for the consumer that the product was compromised and make them aware of it. This way helps you protect your costumers from consuming broken seal products and keep your brand with the highest standards. Tamper evident sticker cannot be opened and then replace.

A variety of industries, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics and personal care, have been using tamper evident labels to seal their products. A damage seal on this kind of products will lead to a safety violation and potential danger, and eventually becomes an economic loss if the consumer does not receive what they paid for.

Manufactures want to assure their products authentication through the buying process and find this hologram stickers as an added security feature that became a beneficial option. An intact tamper evident label shows the costumer that the product is safe to use or consume while a damage seal will immediately tell the consumer that the product is not trustful to use or consume.

As you know, at Nanografix we are committed to bring you a security solution to protect your brand. Our tamper evident labels are customizable, this way you can add your own customized image design and combine aesthetics and functionality. We offer tamper proof in metallized and HRI material for your hologram stickers.

tamper evident labels

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