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Baby Formula Anti Counterfeit

What are two of the greatest functions of good quality high-security labels and packaging? Authenticity and protection against tampering of a given product. This is of the utmost importance when it comes to products that, if counterfeit, can lead to hurting lives and causing serious liabilities to brands. From pharmaceuticals to vitamins and more, products such as these gain the most benefit from high-security applications on their labels or packaging. 

Today one of these products, which is facing its greatest challenge against counterfeits in many years, is Baby Formula. As many of you are aware there are major shortages in the supply of baby formula. This is a product which is extremely dangerous to accidently consume a counterfeit. That is why are expertise is perfect for what is currently happening around the world in regards to baby formula shortages.

With our ability to manufacture holographic labels with over 15 security features, covert and overt, we can configure this high-security feature to your product. Whether your baby formula needs a label or a shrink sleeve, we can create a personalized holographic label/shrink-sleeve. With features such as tamper-evident properties and hidden images, we can help you fight against your product being counterfeited and causing harm to consumers as well as putting your brand at risk. Now is the time to add these high-security features to your products to protect your brand and your consumers.

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