Security Labels

A Security label is a sticker label that has been designed to protect the integrity of a product and differentiate from fake products. Security labels are a versatile and cost-effective security tool for any business looking for a counterfeiting solution or protecting their products. The main use of security labels is that they provide tamper-evident feature, […]

Authentication App

How the authentication app works

Illegal and fake products are one of the top challenges that many consumer brands are suffering from. An estimated average of 8–9 % trade consists of counterfeit goods that create a loss of revenue. Counterfeits affects all kind of industries, apparels, electronics, pharmaceuticals, food and beverages, luxury items and many more. One of the solutions to […]

The importance of using Holographic Labels on your brand

Warranty Labels Stickers

All brands are at risk of counterfeiters, and holographic labels helps you protect the integrity of your brand by adding a higher security hologram feature to your products. A holographic sticker contains more than an eye can see, that’s why security holograms are difficult to replicate and are used as a product authentication solution. A […]

Tamper Evident Label

A tamper evident label is a security hologram that will leave a tamper pattern in the surface when the hologram sticker is peeled off. These seals contain features that make peeling up the sticker or removing it impossible without damaging it in an obvious way. With a tamper evident label, you can add a higher […]

Drupa 2021 Printing with light in your press 3D variable holograms with variable encrypted holographic information & optical effects.No special substrates needed!

Nanografix Launches decorative foil with security encrypted information

San Diego , California Nanografix Corporation a leader in custom holographic materials announced their new product line of decorative foil for packaging with security encrypted information for brand protection. Nanografix film will work as a 2 in 1 product providing decorative 3d holographic effect film with encrypted information for authenticity. The foil features seamless, eye […]

Find how Holographic Overlay provides effective durability and security

Usages of identification cards are extensive. It is used in various sectors including offices and events at places where students are visiting. Identification card ensures that the identity of that person is intact and that no duplicity of that person can be done from any other person. However, in this generation duplication of making an […]