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The importance of using Holographic Labels on your brand

All brands are at risk of counterfeiters, and holographic labels helps you protect the integrity of your brand by adding a higher security hologram feature to your products. A holographic sticker contains more than an eye can see, that’s why security holograms are difficult to replicate and are used as a product authentication solution.

A business can have heavy losses due to the increased cases of counterfeits, however incorporating a holographic label to their products can become a powerful solution thanks to their innovative technology with an encoded pattern and encrypting product information. A holographic sticker can only be replicated using the original master hologram, as a result a lot of counterfeiters are deterred when they see a security hologram on the products.

On 2020, the global sales loss from counterfeit goods where divided by sectors. In the top 3, we have the clothing sector that lost 26.3 billion euros from counterfeiting. Follow by the pharmaceutical sector with 10.2 billon euros in losses and cosmetics and personal care reporting a loss of 4.7 billion euros.

As you know, Holographic labels can be use for all kinds of industries; from pharmaceutical, food and beauty to electronics, textiles and chemicals. A unique holographic sticker will create a higher perceived value for the costumers.

Also, Holographic stickers can be use to authenticate official documentation, memberships cards, event tickets, vouchers and any product that requires counterfeit protection. Holographic labels can be use as the finishing touch to complete a packaging and enhance a brand by adding a feature for shelf appeal.

Holographic labels provide a cost-effective way of protecting, promoting and authenticate your products and are very versatile. Using a holographic sticker on your products adds an eye-catching design while maintaining the brand security from counterfeit.

Many of the most popular brands in the world, uses security holograms on their products. That is why adding a holographic sticker to your packaging and products help increase the value that consumers perceived of your brand.

Also, holographic labels are completely customized. By adding a unique security hologram to your packaging will make your products stand out from your competitors. When consumers see a holographic label on the products, they assume that the products have a higher standard than the ones without a holographic sticker

At Nanografix we want to help you protect and preserve your brand by offering you a wide range of security hologram solutions such as holographic labels that will secure your products from counterfeit. Our hologram stickers feature different inks, clear laminations, custom die sizes and other holographic backgrounds.

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Warranty Labels Stickers

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