Barcode and QR Code

We offer holograms with unique barcode futures on the label. It can be printed on to the hologram or on a white background. 

QR codes differ from barcodes, they offer the users and potential customers to immediately obtain more information on the clients products using a smart phone or scanning device. The ideal objective for QR codes is to send potential customers to a website for further information.

We offer all kinds of barcode impressions such as :

  1. All type QR codes
  2. Binary/ Byte
  3. Micro QR
  4. Dynamic & Static QR codes
  5. Industry standards for barcodes & labels
  6. Numeric only barcodes
  7. Alphanumeric barcodes
  8. 2 dimensional barcodes

Idea Layouts for printing options, since we are the manufacturers we are able to customize every aspect of the label including any design ideas.

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