Is it time to consider shrink sleeves in the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry has always been under the scanner for duplicity of products and brand names. The authentic brands that are within this industry as a result are getting their brand image tarnished. The authentic and the proper cannabis-producing industries have indeed come up with an advanced solution to cope up with the emerging challenges. […]

The importance of using Holographic Labels on your brand

Warranty Labels Stickers

All brands are at risk of counterfeiters, and holographic labels helps you protect the integrity of your brand by adding a higher security hologram feature to your products. A holographic sticker contains more than an eye can see, that’s why security holograms are difficult to replicate and are used as a product authentication solution. A […]

Holographic Cold Foil

holographic cold foil In the few recent years, the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market has drastically multiplied making the market and demand skyrocket. Companies are competing to not only make their name known to the targeted consumers but to also attract those that are new to the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market. Dispensaries are full of tons […]

Drupa 2021 Printing with light in your press 3D variable holograms with variable encrypted holographic information & optical effects.No special substrates needed!

Why company’s product packaging systems need custom holographic stickers?

Warranty Labels Stickers

Holography enables three-dimensional images for proper and secure packaging of different products offered by any industrial company. It provides an authentication mark impossible to replicate by your competitors. A hologram sticker provides ultimate and easy verification for every brand to be unique and stand out in the diverse market segmentation. From the points below, know […]