Get holographic labels to showcase your cannabis product and brand

In today’s market protecting your brand reputation and the image is highly important. With the increased competition in the prices from the rivals, the companies also face an increased completion on the security and brand identification counters. This is where you need to be highly cautious as you don’t want duplicate or replica copies of […]

Cannabis Tamper Labels

YOU MIGHT BE WONDERING,” ARE CANNABIS TAMPER LABELS GOOD FOR MY PRODUCT?” New government regulations require tamper evident sealing and security packaging solution for the Cannabis, E-Cigarettes and vaping industries. Here at Nanografix, we offer a cost-effective security and authentication packaging solution for adult-use products. Our products have become the industry’s product of choice for […]

Holographic Cold Foil

holographic cold foil In the few recent years, the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market has drastically multiplied making the market and demand skyrocket. Companies are competing to not only make their name known to the targeted consumers but to also attract those that are new to the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market. Dispensaries are full of tons […]

Drupa 2021 Printing with light in your press 3D variable holograms with variable encrypted holographic information & optical effects.No special substrates needed!

Nanografix Launches decorative foil with security encrypted information

San Diego , California Nanografix Corporation a leader in custom holographic materials announced their new product line of decorative foil for packaging with security encrypted information for brand protection. Nanografix film will work as a 2 in 1 product providing decorative 3d holographic effect film with encrypted information for authenticity. The foil features seamless, eye […]

Find how Holographic Overlay provides effective durability and security

Usages of identification cards are extensive. It is used in various sectors including offices and events at places where students are visiting. Identification card ensures that the identity of that person is intact and that no duplicity of that person can be done from any other person. However, in this generation duplication of making an […]

How Security Labels add value to product

Security labels are very much important in making sure that the product switch the person is buying is authentic and then no tampering of illegal nature has been done. Counterfeiting essential products is something that is becoming very common all around the world.  There are millions uh people nowadays word getting affected by counterfeit products […]

Consider adding holographic effect on your products packaging design!

Holographic Rolls

Holographic films are ideal in the packaging industry. Wide web holographic film is commonly used for printing, lamination and labels. Holographic film is also great for the flexible material industry including food, cosmetics, beverage and many more markets. We are manufacture and supply holographic wide web film in both PET and BOPP. Most brands use […]

Why company’s product packaging systems need custom holographic stickers?

Warranty Labels Stickers

Holography enables three-dimensional images for proper and secure packaging of different products offered by any industrial company. It provides an authentication mark impossible to replicate by your competitors. A hologram sticker provides ultimate and easy verification for every brand to be unique and stand out in the diverse market segmentation. From the points below, know […]