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Hologram packaging warranty

There a many methods upon which a company ensures to the consumer that their products are original. However, the packaging warranty is vital in the consumers decision, given he will purchase the packaging that warranties the contents and originality of the product.

Currently the only material that is nearly impossible to copy is the hologram. Its originality is proven given it cannot be scanned, photographed or duplicated. In manufacturing the holographic label, no inks or easily available materials are used. Its origin is a photo engraved laser, which is unrepeatable, and the polyester where its design is recorded can’t be erased or altered. Therefore, when used as part of the product packaging, the label helps warranty originality directly on the packaging. Holographic applications are varied, but first lets highlight the two qualities a hologram can give us, originality and the destructible seal.

On the issue of originality, holograms are an implicit warranty. They stand out in front of the consumer because they highlight the product distinction and originality. For many years the holograms have helped all industry sectors. Some, like those in the pharmaceutical or natural industries, are the ones that have mostly used holograms to validate their patents, primarily because piracy of in these types of products. Consumers have always chosen products that feature holographic labels to warranty their origin versus the ones that don’t, because the brand or logo of a lab printed in the hologram provides support that the inks do not give. In recent years the parts industry – electronic, automotive or computer parts – have joined the movement to use holographic labels to warranty that the parts they offer are original and backed by the brand in their packaging. Even more, some brands require the consumer to present the hologram for returns or exchanges, protecting the company of possible forgery. It is important to highlight the double function of the holographic label in this category since apart from ensuring the originality of the hologram it helps the product to stand out among the competition since in most instances they share the shelve. Consumers are savvy and informed and consistently read the packaging. They appreciate the warranty a hologram can offer, making the holographic label a constant sales aid for a product in the shelves.

The second theme of hologram warranty offered by the label on the packaging is the seal of warranty of content or unopened container. In this category the holographic label is used on the tops of the containers, preferably folded in half so that it guarantees that the product has not been opened. Large quantities of holograms are used annually to satisfy the needs of manufacturers. Given that ant theft in self-serve stores has been growing, it is a very efficient way to guarantee to our consumers that the product they are choosing is sealed and complete. Besides the originality of the hologram, the polyester that is used in manufacturing theses type of seals is known as “Tamper Evident” which mean it self destructs when removed, thus guaranteeing not only originality and contents of the product, but that its is also easy to detect when a product has been opened. The consumer will find that the products with holographic labels are an original product, complete and new.

In the Latin America pharmaceutical industry the holographic warranty label is essential for the packaging security of the medications, some transnational labs protect their patents and off-the-shelf OTC medications in all of Latin America. The pharmaceutical boxes are sealed with a holographic label on each side of possible opening. This practice helps the labs in many ways: First it validates the authenticity of the medicine, given that is well known that the sale of apocryphal or expired drugs in Latin America are sold in the black market, and grave health problems can affect consumers that use these fake products. Moreover, third parties often do the distribution of these drugs. Since these drugs pass through many hands, the presence of the holographic seal on the packaging guarantees that the box was sealed by the manufacturer upon leaving the lab. When our product reaches the pharmacy or self-serve store it fulfills the function of protecting the product against ant theft. Because one of the main complaints the manufacturers receive is that the products was missing contents, self service stores often put a reinforced tape around the box, blocking all the work design and marketing departments invested on the packaging. By warning the thief that he wont be able to open the box, the holographic seal can fulfill this need, because once removed from the ends of the box, it won’t be able to be resealed and look intact. The thief then will now have to steal the whole box. This presents new problems, however the goal of ensuring to our consumer that the product they are choosing is not a previously opened or tampered one.

The design of the holographic image can be as simple or complex as needed; the same logotype can be developed into a 2D (bi-dimensional) hologram or a 3D design. These types of decisions will be considered starting with the use that the holographic seal will have. Shinier holograms will be recommended for products that attract the consumers’ eyes, and holograms with more depth or planes are recommended as they are unique and attractive. With design, this is where we can choose more security locks to extend our warranty. We can show our consumers that the hologram is unique, include micro texts that only are visible with pocket microscopes, or place hidden images to validate the signature of our company. The application of UV inks visible only with black light, can give us a quick and easy inspection of our hologram for prompt validation.

It’s very important to get the right consulting to choose the hologram that is appropriate for our product. Because the same ink color, polyester thickness, adhesive or label size is required for all products, these variables are considered at the beginning of the development of the warranty holographic seal. It’s recommended that the materials and dimensions are planned according to the product, what surface they are to be applied on, the way in which they will adhere and other factors are the ones an expert consultant can offer companies that wish to warranty their products with holography. The holographic solutions can help small businesses, or big international corporations. The volume of sales of holographic seals can start with a few pieces with generic designs up to exclusive designs for global distribution. The key to success in guaranteeing our products is the one only an original holographic seal can offer to give the packaging a consistent, a made to order look. Only an expert consultant can provide this, helping you to achieve the protection and security you need.

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