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COVID19 Product Anti Counterfeit Holographic Packaging Solutions

 Given the vast number of counterfeit products on the black market, a negative byproduct of the COVID19 is the counterfeiting of  all COVID19 related products such as test kits, hand sanitizer, cleaning wipes, pharma meds, etc.

Nanografix, has been manufacturing high security holographic labels and shrink sleeves for over 25 years. Nanografix offers security solution that will not only safeguard from counterfeiters, but also provide a high level of brand identity and authenticity.

Some examples of counterfeit products found the past few days:

COVID19 Test Kits

“Federal prosecutors in Oregon are pursuing their first case of alleged coronavirus fraud: Authorities this month intercepted a shipment of 100 unauthorized COVID-19 test kits sent from China to a Portland man.”

“The package seized was labeled as “Papid (sic) Test Kit” and it contained four white boxes, each labeled “COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) Antibody Test Kit (Colloidal Gold).” Each box held 25 individual kits. Shipment records contained no FDA licenses.”

“The invoice revealed the package came from a China-based company called Anhui Deep Blue Medical Technology Co. at a total cost of $50 and was headed to a Portland address.”

“Federal agents, with help from a Portland police officer, found the man who bought the test kits lived in an apartment in North Portland.”

Hand Sanitizer

“They are coming from China,” Khalifah said, adding that many counterfeit products on Amazon have fake reviews that are simply copied and pasted.”

“They are building an inferior product for an inflated price. People can actually get sick if they use masks that [aren’t legitimate],” he said.”

“The WSJ found that more than 100 safety masks and respirators being marketed on Amazon were counterfeit or had unverifiable claims. In another example, a latex-free glove promised to “prevent coronavirus, flu and pneumonia.” However, no consumer-grade glove can do that.”

“Prices for products on Amazon have surged at least 50 percent. The advocacy group U.S. PIRG Education Fund found a Purell sanitizer listing, which normally retails for $7.99, was being sold for as high as $49.95.”

“An Amazon spokesperson told WSJ the price gouging is “a clear violation of our policies, unethical, and in some areas, illegal.” The company has removed 530,000 offers and suspended 2,500 accounts due to coronavirus-related price gouging. Additionally, Amazon has removed millions of listings for products with false claims about the virus.”

COVID19 Holo Products Anti Counterfeit Solutions

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