Hologram packaging warranty

Nanografix holopic

There a many methods upon which a company ensures to the consumer that their products are original. However, the packaging warranty is vital in the consumers decision, given he will purchase the packaging that warranties the contents and originality of the product. Currently the only material that is nearly impossible to copy is the hologram. […]

PACK EXPO International 2014

Nanografix pack expo event

November, 2014 Chicago, IL USA From the marketplace of 2,300+ exhibitors to the networking lounges to the nonstop seminars of Innovation Stage, PACK EXPO International 2014 and the new Pharma EXPO buzzed with activity and we were proud to be a part of it.

Cohiba Behike Bands Get New Security Holograms

Nanografix cohiba hologram

One of the most counterfeited brands in the world just got harder to fake. The holographic label found on Cohiba’s Behike BHK series is now produced with even more complex imagery than before, making it markedly difficult for counterfeiters to reproduce. While the overall composition of the new Behike bands remains the same, the primary […]