Quick Holograms

A Quick Hologram is product that falls between making a custom hologram and making a generic hologram.

Our experts trace your logo with a trade secret technique that allows us to create a more affordable custom label.

nanografix-personalized-hologramsA quick hologram does not offer the true 3D effect of a hologram since it is basically a wallpaper holographic texture; however, it definitely looks and acts like a hologram and gets the same respect. This product is a good choice if you want the feeling of a hologram, a consistent look built just for you, and you don’t require other security features. If security features are necessary, we suggest using the Tamper evident material using UV visible ink or upgrading to our personalized holograms.nanografix-quick-hologram

Once we produce a Quick Hologram for you, we guarantee design exclusivity and we will only produce this quick hologram for your company.


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