2D Two-dimensional hologram
This hologram is based on a two-dimensional graphic image, in which all elements are on one level.

Hologram 2D / 3D Bi / Tri Dimensional
The graphic elements of this type of hologram are arranged in 2 or 3 different planes, the fund seems to be “below” or “back” of the main image, giving the illusion of depth. These images can be seen in a wide range of light sources. Acuity edges and bright colors are characteristic of this type of holograms.

3D three-dimensional hologram
This hologram displays an identical three-dimensional image to a solid object derived from a model, sculpture or a computer-generated image. You can see different parts of the image depending on the position in which the hologram look, the viewer can look behind the object as it did if it were would find there. Under proper lighting, such holograms are spectacular.

This type of holograms contains two (usually) or more images, each in its own “channel” so that depending on the position in which you see displayed a different image or superimposition of these.

Color photographs or transparencies give rise to this kind of holograms. They can be obtained various levels of dimensional effects. The graphic image may be degraded in shade and color, making this seem true or “live”.

The continuous rainbow effect such hologram is the result of micro-holographic points, which diffract light in a variety of angles. We can find in this type of holograms, two-dimensional designs (Holomatrix ® 2D), three-dimensional (3D Holomatrix ®) and combinations (Holomatrix ® 2D / 3D)*. Holograms using this technique have much movement, brightness, color and work excellently under different sources and lighting conditions.
*Combinations may include Holomatrix ® technology and optical holograms table.

The main feature of this type of hologram is not created with a laser beam, but by a powerful electron beam, which differs from the first size or “diameter” of the beam emitted to create the hologram. Because this is in the region of nanometers performing etching it is very accurate, obtaining a higher quality similar technologies. All this opens a new field to create effects and increase the number of elements in the hologram due to the new space obtained in it.

These holograms are achieved by combining one or more techniques. Making images and / or spectacular effects. Holomatrix® can be combined with three-dimensional holograms, providing endless opportunities for new and interesting effects.


Available in metallic finish and transparent HRI (High Refractive Index) in 25 and 50 microns. Excellent for the development of holographic labels.

Standard HRI
Available in metallic finish and transparent HRI (High Refractive Index) in 25 and 50 microns. Excellent for the development of holographic labels.

Available in metallic finish and transparent HRI (High Refractive Index) at 25, 38 and 50 microns. Excellent for applications that need to show whether or not the label was removed.

Available in partially metallic finish in 23 and 50 microns. Ideal for applications where you need to see the information behind the label.

Tamper-Proof HRI
Available in metallized and transparent high refractive index (HRI) finish. Excellent for cases where it is necessary to test whether the label has been removed or not.

Static Cling
Holographic transparent autoadherible manual application, Mica adds further protection to your personal data and additional protection to the badge, identification card or plastic, when trying to scan or photograph appear own colors of holography and detach leave marks or evidence and is not transferable.

This material comes in gold, silver and transparent colors. Ideal for applications in paper or plastic.


Micro Text
They are very small text placed within the hologram that are impossible to be detected by the naked eye.

Micro Image
Tiny images placed within the hologram that are impossible to be detected by the naked eye.

Micro Cut
Exploiting the properties of the material in which the label is embosa Suajes different patterns or physical cuts within the same hindering the removal of the hologram label, when destroying remove performed.

Encoded within the hologram elements (graphics or text) by means of interference that are revealed only through one counter subtracts the interference effect, these can have a definition that can range from 400 to 1200 dpi set-top mesh.

Hidden Image
Image (s) that are encoded directly into the hologram and can only be seen through devices that generate coherent light (laser), each of these images has its own channel vision.

Serial Number
This non-contact technology provides high quality marking that identifies your label with a number of consecutive or random series without damaging it during the application process adicionándole a security element.

This non-contact technology provides high quality marking that identifies your label with a bar code without damaging it during its application process adicionándole a security element.

Steep and Hidden
It is a security lock that is visible only to rotate the hologram 90 degrees, this can be a text or a simple graphic.

Security Ink
It is a special ink applied on the hologram and is not perceived at first glance, only to expose the hologram a source of black light safety lock in a red hue becomes evident.

Validation Ink
It is a validable ink with a special machine or a laser hologram placed on the evidence of hidden security padlock on a green hue.

Images Concealed Dynamic
In the design of this hologram is a sequence of images in a hidden channel and are visible by illuminating the hologram with a reflected laser directly on a vertical surface as a screen; when the laser is moved along the surface of the hologram an animation effect on the very original screen is generated.

Expansion 3D
The succession of several graphical elements results in an expansion effect, the hologram viewing different angles.

Guilloche, High Security Patterns
As security element is incorporated into the design of the hologram geometrically precise, repetitive pattern with lines that crisscross and high complexity, which greatly impedes forgery and manipulation. This is only achieved with special software with unique parameters, so it is considered as a fingerprint. Such designs are widely used in paper currency, official IDs, passports, diplomas and transcripts.


Brand Protection
Nanografix manufacture custom security holograms, for the protection and authentication of brands, products, documents and identifications, but are also used in making packaging and promotional. Holograms are widely recommended for products where the consumer is satisfied that it is acquiring an original and high quality product.

With our technology and expertise we have developed several elements that integrate the holograms to increase your security, this technology is making it virtually impossible to forge a hologram.

Laboratories and Pharmaceutical Industries
Laboratories and the pharmaceutical industry are some of our key markets, Nanografix develops specialized products to protect and authenticate the contents of their products. Nanografix offers custom holograms with multiple security levels. Nanografix also offers a wide range of materials to suit the needs of your product, they can be transparent or demetallized to prevent your application covers information that must always be present by institutional or governmental regulations.

Materials for tapas and blisters
We offer a wide range of materials for tapas and specific blister packs for the pharmaceutical industry with child resistant technology, destructible to alterations and FDA approved. Resistant films incorporate tear and break sharps which improve the overall strength of its packaging providing child-resistance while maintaining friendly people of the 3rd age.

Food Industry
Nanografix products are for lids and blister packs cover a wide variety of products which can be applied to a wide variety of products either for security applications (against light, moisture, oxygen and adulteration)

  • Dehydrated milk
  • Coffee
  • Jam
  • Or to use promotional
  • Yogurts and dairy products
  • Sweet
  • Chewing gum

Nanografix products can be used in conjunction with thermoformed blister packs and promotional items in retail outlets.

High Security Documents
Document fraud is no longer exclusive to professional criminals. Because the current technology scanners, printers and personal computers, anyone with a little ingenuity you can forge or alter important documents.Fraud hides behind many masks and safety must deal documents against forgery and alterations. The most effective defense against this type of activity is to implement security measures in the manufacture of paper and the way in which they are printed.

There are different levels of security such as:

  • Elements on paper
  • Watermarks
  • Toner retention
  • Chemical sensitization
  • Security fibers
  • Security threads
  • printed items
  • Pantographs anti-copying
  • Flourescent reflective safety designs
  • Thermochromic ink
  • Microprinting
  • Bands security alert and
  • Lineas print anti-copying
  • Penetrating impression numbers
  • Sensitive ink erasers
  • Security background designs
  • HD corners

Given one of these increase the difficulty of reproduction, chemical modification, and mechanical removal of critical data. These features are available for financial documents and certificates, money orders and other documents that require fraud deterrence. Incorporate an appropriate number of these safety features in security documents not only provide deterrence to falsify and / or modify documents but also shows that you are perocupa for the safety and tranquility of its customers.

Authentication of Documents
When applying any of our micro-holograms recorded (muffled) in translucent high refractive material (HRI) or demetallized, you can guarantee and authenticate the same time the content or validity of the document in which it is applied. Additionally you can increase the security of your application to use any of our material indicators of adulteration (tamper proof) that destroy themselves if they try to remove the hologram.

Given these characteristics, our holograms are ideal for application to official documents amenable to alteration such as:

  • Credentials
  • Resume
  • Visas
  • Passports
  • Government documents
  • Security papers
  • Printed codes

Continuous Forms
No matter what your application, Nanografix can combine labels and continuous forms in a single document to improve productivity. Nanografix works with the best manufacturers of continuous forms to offer the best possible solution to integrate labels in polyester or hot-stamping any type continuously. Nanografix can also manufacture different combinations of forms and labels to be used on laser printers. By incorporating a holographic label to its continuous processes they are simplified and errors are avoided, in addition to saving time and inventories.

Promotional Materials
Whether concerned packaging of a product or image of a brand, you can be sure that with our line of diffractive patterns HoloSpark! ® your products will be noticed by all potential customers, their uses are virtually unlimited.

These patterns are ideal for laminating paper, cardboard and a variety of materials used in the packaging industry as in other uses such as:

  • Cards occasion (birthdays, anniversaries, etc)
  • Book covers or magazines
  • CD
  • Cover watches
  • Jewelry

Holograms is the best way to stay one step ahead of the competition.