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Is it time to consider shrink sleeves in the cannabis industry?

The cannabis industry has always been under the scanner for duplicity of products and brand names. The authentic brands that are within this industry as a result are getting their brand image tarnished.

The authentic and the proper cannabis-producing industries have indeed come up with an advanced solution to cope up with the emerging challenges.

It is in this regard that one of the best ways to protect their brand image and reputation is the use of shrink sleeves.

So does shrink sleeves provide the best solution for brand protection purposes to the cannabis industry? Let’s find out-

Bold branding design ideas

No doubt using shrink sleeves can bring about unique ideas for branding and decorating the cannabis product bottle.

By using shrink sleeves you can get 360-degree labeling which is quite useful.

This also gives the cannabis manufacturing companies extra space on the shrink label to give additional and vital information about their product or the company.

The shrink sleeve all-around design is also an attractive idea that for grabbing the attention of your potential customers which is essential for the leading cannabis brands.

Tamper proof design

Shrink sleeves are made from one type of plastic film which is generally more tamper-proof than paper. Thus it can give the labels more protection against scratching, tears, moisture, and even dust.

As it is tamper-proof it also helps in the packaging solution of the cannabis products.


One of the things, in general, is that the shrink sleeves are highly durable too. they cannot be easily tampered with and also do not lose their glaze or shine even in the most challenging environment situation such as excess pollution, dust, or rain, heat, etc.

They are made with a thin film of plastic that is generally smudged or dirt proof and this is can be extremely beneficial in protecting the brand image and making it more visible among the other brands.

Reusing inventory

If you are having cannabis bottles with some old brand image or information printed on them on the product label or the plastic bottle itself then the only way round to reuse it for a new brand with new product information or logo would be to wrap it around in a shrink sleeve. This is a very useful and efficient way for reusing inventory.

Thus as you can see that shrink sleeves have a lot of advantages of their own and it surely has roles to pay for in protecting the brand image of a cannabis-producing company.

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