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Holographic Cold Foil

In the few recent years, the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market has drastically multiplied making the market and demand skyrocket. Companies are competing to not only make their name known to the targeted consumers but to also attract those that are new to the CBD, Cannabis & Hemp market. Dispensaries are full of tons of products and companies trying to outsell the others. Gaining the attention of the potential consumer is a steppingstone in bringing in clientele for each company. Based on the products that are being put on display at a dispensary, if the customer does not know what they are already searching for, the appearance of a product will most times be the reason to grab. If a product has dull colors, mediocre packaging, and does not catch the eye, there is a very high chance it will get overlooked. Great looking, amazing quality, safety packaging gives the potential customer reassurance that the product is not counterfeit because of all the hard work put into the packaging for display.

Holographic Cold foil is the next best thing for this kind of products’ packaging. The customers today that are looking to buy CBD, Cannabis & Hemp products usually range from 21-65 years of age, so finding appropriate packaging for each type of  product is important. Whether it’s a pen to smoke or a CBD balm for arthritis pain, the customer wants to feel reassured that the product is authentic and has not already been tampered with. Having cool, aesthetically pleasing packaging is what is going to grab the targeted audience’s attention. Bright colors and big fonts or illusion-giving packaging is absolutely going to seem more appealing. Adding Holographic cold foil on the entire package or just a certain area gives off a cool, vibrant, accent, especially in a well-lit dispensary. Guaranteed to catch the shopper’s eye and make them want to reach for your product. At Nanografix you can choose from a range of wallpaper designs or fully custom. You can not only request a custom decorative holographic design but also incorporate security elements.

Anyone checking out a product with Holographic Cold foil will be able to tell the high quality of the packaging by the eye-catching decorative option chose to make the product stand out. If packaging is of quality, nine times out of ten, the product will also be of high quality. People steer towards the great, appealing packaging, more so if it is a company they have yet heard of and would want to try out. Making a good impression when your product is on the counter or shelf is what is going to bring you in more customers and more money! Investing in great cold foiling product will not jeopardize your product from getting popular. The time and energy spent on production will be shown and appreciated. We as humans, are naturally attracted to shiny and colorful things that stand out from the things around them. Holographic Cold foiling is just that!!

The CBD, Cannabis & Hemp industry is a very competitive market to be in, but it does not mean your product is not going to sell just because there are other products out there. Holographic Cold Foil is perfect for small run job changes. The importance of security in this industry is very high and adding three-dimensional effects with bright colors can make it fun! We have a multitude of color options that can be overprinted changing color efficient and cost effective. Creative packaging is going to get you more business, that is why holographic cold foil is for you!

Adding an appealing, security touch to the appearance of your product guarantees authenticity to your customers. Having high profile security features added to the packaging of your product can secure your product from being counterfeited. The more your eye-catching product grabs attention of the potential customers, the more popular it becomes, and the more people that know of your product with the high-quality holographic security you have, the easier a counterfeit, lower grade, duplicated product will be able to be spotted. Contact us today for your next holographic cold foil packaging for your product! We are here to serve you and make your product as appealing as possible!

holographic cold foil

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