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Why shrink sleeves labels are perfect fit for your cannabis products?

full color shrink sleeves for cannabis cbd products

Did you know that tamper-evident sealing is growing in popularity for cannabis products? Yes, it is true that you can easily brand your product from top to bottom in shrink sleeve labels and still make it tamper proof for creating 360-degree advertising coverage for your products. Shrink sleeves can be combined with attractive labeling and tamper-evident sealing making it most versatile packaging solutions.

Not only for cannabis products shrink sleeves are now popular option in packaging and labeling for products packed in cans, bottles, and other containers. Since shrink sleeve labels are full-color, 360-degree printed labels making use of heat in the application process they are sturdy and coordinate the label to the shape of the container. You will find that the labels are usually printed on either plastic or polyester film material and are commonly used on aluminum cans and glass or plastic bottles.

Shrink sleeves prove as an indispensable labeling solution for packaging and protecting pharmaceuticals, chemicals, foods and beverages, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Recently shrink sleeve products are most often used in food industry as they provide both protection and decoration of the product.

When customers buys a shrink sleeve packaged product they are certain that the product is not tampered with and is original one with seal of guarantee. Manufacturer is at peace knowing that his product is not tampered with and reaches the end user in its original form. It further averts any chances of legal risks involved with fake products. Consumer is relieved while buying shrink sleeves labeling product because he is assured that he is using a product that is risk free.

There are immense benefits of using Shrink Sleeves for your cannabis products as they fit them perfectly. One of the biggest benefits of using shrink sleeves is that it allows you assurance of safety compared to pressure sensitive labels. The surface on the shrink sleeves are creatively used by manufacturers to add their story, brand image, more content and regulatory information to go with the cannabis products.

If you are looking for smart packaging then shrink sleeves are the best. They are durable and make excellent option for cannabis products that often require protection from humid or moisture-heavy environments.

A flexible pack filled with cannabis products such as gummies or packaging edibles, flowers, tablets, and seeds is easier with shrink sleeves. Since cannabis products must be packed to preserve their aroma and potency this flexible shrink sleeves packaging proves as affordable and functional both.

NanoGrafix brings expertise in other protective technologies that can augment a standard shrink sleeve and ensure the confidence of the end user.

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