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Shrink sleeve and flexible packaging in the cannabis industry

In the cannabis industry, there is a wide range of products. Companies that are involved in the manufacturing, production, and packaging of cannabis have to deal with endorsing their brand and evaluate the brand-protection strategies.

This is because of one major problem in the online and offline cannabis selling industry. The problem is that there are many illegal and duplicate products within this industry and the authentic brands don’t want to have a copy or duplicate of their products.

They want to ensure that their brands and products in the market are always unique and easily identified. These players always want to ensure that their brands can are easily identifiable in the eyes of the customer.

And for this, they are always on the hunt for brand protection strategies on their products, labels, covers, and packs.

The use of shrink sleeves is gaining momentum

You must have seen the beautiful shape labels that fit in the size of the bottles on various cannabis products. Well, it seems that the industries that are involved in the manufacturing and packaging of cannabis are making use of shrink sleeves as a measure to protect their brand.

You must have seen the unique and diversified shapes of bottles and small jars in the cannabis industry. Do you know why this is done?

This is done to give a unique shape to the bottle itself but that is not primarily important what’s more important is that it gives the shrink sleeves a unique design and shape that cannot be easily replicated.

These shrink sleeves are also carefully manufactured with a lot of thought process and creativity to design unique shapes, textures, and patterns on them.

Use of flexible packaging

This is another type of advanced packaging means that the players in the cannabis industry seem to use more often. Have you seen those plastic or mount paper ouches containing various liquid to semi-liquid substances like juice, ketchup, etc.?

Well, this is called flexible packaging. With this type of packaging, the pouch seems to be changing its shape and size and the product inside needs to be squeezed out of the pouch for use.

The benefit of using flexible packaging is that like the shrink sleeves this can also protect the brand’s reputation and security. The flexible packaging is also done on various types of advanced plastic material and the pattern, shapes, and designs have various security features in them that help to identify a brand.

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