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Holographic labels application in the cannabis industry

Hologram labels are one of the widely used safety and security things that are used on a variety of products. Whether you are talking of the FMCG products or cannabis and other products the authentic and reputed industries ensure to put on a holographic label on their products.

So far it seems that this simple holographic technique is giving dividends and prevents the illegal players from quickly duplicating the reputed brand products in the industry.

With the advancement in the field of holographic labels and stickers, the techniques of holographic coding and manufacturing process have also improved with tighter security features available on them now.

Why is the application of hologram stickers and labels so important in the cannabis industry?

Within the cannabis industry, all big and reputed brands are using holographic labels and stickers on their products. There is a reason for this. This is the fact that within the cannabis industry there is a huge complaint and bad reputation of duplicate products.

This tarnishes the brand image and the reputation of the legal and reputed brands which cannot seem to find a way of this problem. But now with the holographic labels and stickers available and its highly secured features have helped the reputed brands in the cannabis industry more so than ever.

How the holographic labels are advantageous for the cannabis industry players

If the holographic labels have been such a blessing for the players in the cannabis industry let’s find out how the holographic labels can provide them security and on what fronts

Protects the brand image

When you use a holographic label on your cannabis product your brand logo and image are protected. You must have seen the holographic labels with the brand logo or the image which also is dynamic and seems to be changing its position and alignment when viewed from different angles.

Protects brand reputation

This follows the previous point. When you use advanced holographic techniques in the form of stickers in your products then these help you to protect the reputation of the brand as it cannot be easily replicated.

Prevents replication and duplicity of products

The holographic techniques require expertise, knowledge, and advanced instruments and devices to manufacture high-quality labels. For manufacturing of these labels, you need high-end devices and experienced people to bring in the clarity and transparency in design which is of course not easy to copy.

Helps in product identification

Many customers identify a brand using a holographic label. This is how they can distinguish between brands even without looking at the textual information on the labels and stickers.

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