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Indeed labeling for the cannabis industry is a challenge as the manufacturer has to keep in mind multiple factors while packaging the legal cannabis products. Today with high demand and higher benefits of cannabis products it is evident that legal requirements have also increased for its marketing and packaging. With the fast growth of industry Nanografix is fully equipped to serve their customers with tamper proof holographic labels to authentically protect the legal cannabis.

The spokesperson at Nanografix brings to light the importance of tamper proof holographic labels for legal cannabis sayings, “New government regulations require tamper evident sealing and security packaging solutions for the Cannabis, e-cigarette and vaping industries. Nanografix offers a cost-effective security and authentication packaging solution for adult-use products.”

With plenty of competition in legal cannabis industry that’s growing fast, Nanografix keeps in pace with the competitors by offering security hologram labels, seals, and shrink sleeves.

Nanografix Advanced Security Solutions has many options available for legal cannabis in the form of stock cannabis and vaping holograms and shrink sleeves as well as full customization. They offer holographic labels that are waterproof and work ideally with e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

With a belief that a great label plays a big role in assuring that your cannabis products get to the top, the team at Nanografix integrates advanced features in them enabling them to be identified as a cannabis brand easily. With holographic label from Nanografix your product will be differentiated by the customer as original and will be saved from buying a duplicate product.

Due to counterfeiters and fake merchandise at times customers face difficulty in choosing the right product. Seeing current proliferation of counterfeiting in the cannabis industry, Nanografix ascertains to implement strategies to combat counterfeiting. Custom legal cannabis labels from Nanografix will make your products stand out from the crowd and stay compliant with rules and regulations.

About Nanografix:

Nanografix is a team of committed experts bringing you a security solution to protect your brand. They offer tamper evident labels that are customizable, this way you can add your own customized image design and combine aesthetics and functionality. Nanografix offers tamper proof in metallized and HRI material for your hologram stickers.

Simple Authentication Available
Simple Authentication Available
Simple Authentication Available

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